Digital Art

Custom Graphics


I create digital art.


Because I love to create.

What Kind?

  • Hispanic/Latino
  • Spanish Language
  • Ethnic
  • Fantasy/Science Fiction
  • Political Messaging
  • Technology


  • Branding
  • Promotional
  • Social Media Advertisement
  • Social Media Content
  • Software UI

The Internet Is The Place To Be

We now live in a digital world. To compete, solopreneurs need to stand out in a crowd. Consumers consume graphical content. Shoppers do not want to read. They want to see. The Hispanic market is one of the largest group of consumers in the world.

Simply translating promotions and information into Spanish is not enough. Consumers expect you to understand them. To understand Latinos you need to understand the culture and how identity plays a part in making purchasing decisions.

I not only speak the language but I also understand the American Hispanic, from the border to the major cities, each Latino sees through a different set of eyes. To sell to one of the largest markets you need to understand them.

Mexican eagle and serpent
Corona Beer and Jack Daniels bottles
Brand Coffee Cup
Taco Truck
The Female Form
La Virgen
Vaccine bottle

Digital Art

Piñata Burro
Custom icons
Dangerous Woman
Custom character

Digital art is about identity and origins. As an immigrant I see life through a unique perspective. As a business owner for over 30 years in the technology sector, I understand technology. As a creator, I know how to convey a message through art. As a Latino, I understand the culture of the American Hispanic.

Northrup Tiger II